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For customers and other organizations, it is important to understand that insurance is a matter of solicitation and market risks and so it is an equal responsibility of the entire existing and potential customers to understand that insurance policies have certain limitations and are further entailed by a number of risks involved.

We at Policy Secure do not under any situation and circumstances take any liability whatsoever in such cases. It is also requested to all the insurance holders to first read the policy or related documents carefully and ask if there is any point that is not understandable and then sign the documents. Also, all the information provided on our online portal is for financial and insurance purposes only and doesn’t reflect the actual terms and conditions and rules and regulations of the different insurance companies as a whole.

For the detailed information about the applicable term & conditions, policy features, risk cover, exclusions, and other essential processes, all our valued customers/clients are required to read respective insurance company policy documents, forms, and policy terms, along with company ratings to avoid any kind of disappointment in future.

Our customers can have a mutual understanding with us and our association is totally business oriented and at the customer’s sole discretion and risk.

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