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Are all travellers residents of India?


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Traval Insurance

It covers your expenses in case of flight delays, loss of baggage or passport,
& even for medical emergencies during your trip.

Single Trip Policy

Single trip policy is good for one-time travellers. The maximum of 180 days these policies can last for, however, your travel insurance policy can also be extended post a humble request to the insurer. So, have you packed your bags yet?

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

This policy is ideal for frequent travellers or globetrotters. It's valid for making several trips during the year, each one ranging from 30-45 days, rewarding you with suitcases
full of memories.

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Travel Insurance

Factors to Consider Before Buying


Having a travel insurance can help you travel stress-free.

Low Premium

Travel Insurance Premium starting at values as low as ₹ 300

Help Medical Expenses

Get covered for emergency medical expenses

Coverage Ranging

Coverage ranging from $25,000 to a whopping $500,000


Avail claims for lost baggage and delayed trips


Domestic Travel Insurance

Importance of Domestic Travel Insurance

Now Travel Safe With Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Traveling from one place to another is the part and parcel of our life. Some travel for family reasons while others travel for professional reasons. Everyone traveling has one or the other purpose. Buying cheap domestic travel insurance cover online has now been made hassle-free at policy Secure for all our valued customers countrywide.

People traveling in group can also stay secured with the highly beneficial group travel insurance policy brought to you online by Policy Secure. There is no doubt in the fact that to travel is a great adventure and touring people love the unlimited excitement that is gained while exploring the different locations not only within the country but across the globe.

Along with the many risk factors, traveling also involves a great amount of risk and so it is highly recommended to buy Domestic Travel Insurance India Policy online for more benefits.

Unlike other insurance policies, domestic travel medical insurance has its own importance. Today, you can buy it online from the different sources. Why not travel safe with affordable risk coverage facilitated by the numerous insurance service providing companies in the nation.

If you are looking to buy from a trusted online portal, prefer none other than Policy Secure well known in the market for the 100% unbiased and trustworthy domestic travel medical insurance policy in India accessible 24x7.

Everything to Know About Domestic Travel Insurance

The revolving and modern lifestyle of people demands change and fun. Traveling to a different location either in the country or abroad is not a very expensive and tedious approach now. It aids you in killing stress and rejuvenating your otherwise chaotic lifestyle.

It is always fun to explore new locations and have some good moments however; every travel comes with uncertainty and travel risk. Traveling is only made synonyms with having some fun time and living your moments peacefully and happily. No matter if you are traveling with your friends and family, ensuring your travel with the best Domestic travel insurance companies before you commence it is very important to enjoy some peaceful moments on your domestic trip.

What is Domestic Travel Insurance Plans?

Domestic travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the entire cost of all the medical and financial emergencies that might arise due to traveling anywhere in the country. Several insurance companies provides with numerous insurance plans with several benefits for any domestic travel.

Several people do not consider buying domestic travel medical insurance while they are in for a domestic travel and tend to ignore it. However, it is very important to indulge in a comprehensive domestic travel insurance plan too as to render protection to you and your family and suppress all financial risks and unwanted medical expenses.

The most important thing that comes with traveling is staying safe without causing any financial and physical adversaries. Registering your travel insurance policy in place will make your trip even more pleasant and charming.

Why Buy Domestic Travel/Medical Insurance in India at Policy Secure?

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Why do you Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

Ensuring your every trip with travel insurance policy ensures a full coverage of all the medical and financial emergencies that might arise any time while you’re traveling anywhere, especially abroad. There are a number of affordable domestic travel insurance plans that you can choose from entailing a number of benefits to its policy holders.

Considering insurance plans only when you are traveling abroad, breach you out of a lot of reservations that can make your domestic travel plan even much simpler and easier. People don’t realize the risks involved while you are traveling within the country, emergencies and contingencies come without giving you any prior notice and can severely affect your journey. Whether you are traveling in the country or abroad, getting effective Domestic travel Guard Insurance Policy Online prevents a number of potential health risks and hazards.

Such domestic travel insurance wraps up a lot of benefits like medical emergencies situations, accidents; any flight delays either if you are traveling in the country or abroad, any damage or loss of baggage and all such problems. It is always advisable to get the best domestic medical travel insurance beforehand you start your travel. This saves you from any big expenditure or any huge cut-down from your savings for any unwanted or medical treatment and hospitalization expenses that might incur to manage and solve the mishap.

Getting good domestic travel insurance from a worthy and reputed insurance firms make you travel with peace and contentment, placing high importance to your security and safety. It also lets you travel to exotic domestic locations and destinations without any huge expenditure and worrying attitude. You can now compare domestic travel insurance plans online at Policy Secure without hassle. It will help you choose the right insurance plan and enjoy safe travel to your desired destinations.

What are the Benefits of Indulging in a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy if you indulge in any domestic travel insurance policy from a good service provider. These include:

• It covers all the medical expenses that might be incurred during your domestic travel. For example, if you get into an emergency situation and you are in dire need of any medical aid, domestic travel insurance can help you handle those expensive medical treatments easily and affordably.

• It covers loss or theft of baggage. Financial losses cases due to baggage or belongings being stolen or lost. Domestic travel insurance policy ensures to cover the entire cost of the stolen or lost baggage.

• A good domestic travel insurance policy in India provides you with personal accident truth. It covers all the personal damage incurred against accidental death, emergency situations or any type of medical aid.

• If you are facing issues like delay and cancellation of your trip then all the prepaid expenses incurred on those tickets and bookings is reimbursed by the top Domestic travel insurance companies in the country.

• If you have domestic travel insurance policy you can easily get an emergency medical evacuation. Such cases can arise in case you need to seek any urgent case of any emergency. All those of medical expenses are reimbursed in case of any such situations.

• Losing cash in an unknown place is a nightmare with things turning worst if you’ve encountered an emergency situation. A facility of emergency cash is available in domestic insurance policy and that can rescue you out of such tough situations.

• Domestic insurance policy provides you with 24*7 customer assistance.

What All is Covered Under the Best Domestic Travel Insurance Plan?

There are a number of insurance companies that provide you with domestic insurance policy for all your traveling locations within the country. But before you get any domestic insurance coverage for your travel, read all the terms and conditions and understand even if it’s important and required to have by a person.

There are several advantages of signing up for an effective domestic insurance policy. There are two basic scenarios in which the policy works best; one is if you’re cancelling your trip due to medical emergency or any other reason, then you have all your expenses covered if you have an insurance cover in hand. If you do not have any insurance cover then you cannot expect to have any reimbursed or refunded costs for your trips.

The other such scenario is if you lose your luggage. If you lose your luggage on a domestic flight or an international one then you can have your costs covered with a functioning domestic insurance policy.

Travel insurance companies provide a number of insurance plans that cover medical treatment and any personal accidents if any occurred. The only thing which is not covered is dental or personal liability.

It is highly mandatory to buy domestic travel insurance policy in India in order to safeguard yourself from losing money in any of your domestic trips in case of cancellation charges and loss of luggage. It is necessary to have domestic insurance cover since it is easy on your pocket and minimizes any risks if encountered during your domestic travel.

What are the Features of Domestic Travel Insurance Cover?

The following are the features covered in a domestic travel insurance cover. These include:

  • It is applicable for the individual policyholder that buys the premium package.
  • The policy can be undertaken by the people who are above 18 years and above and below 65 years.
  • The packages are very easy and convenient enough to be prepared for eventualities whilst traveling and covering locations in your country.
  • It provides you coverage against loss of travel tickets and cancellation or even loss of luggage.
  • The sum is insured for a period of one year for the type of insurance package you buy.
  • It even covers the cost and expenses encountered due to delay in the flight and any missed flight.
  • In case of emergencies encountered or evacuations costs, then that is also ensured with the insurance cover.
  • It provides you entire coverage against loss or theft of baggage and luggage.

What All is Included in a Domestic Travel Insurance?

The basic elements included in a travel insurance policy are the medical and accident cover, cancellation and delay cover and lost, theft, and damage of baggage cover. Such coverage is highly beneficial when your flight is delayed or if you are carrying some valuable and precious assets in your baggage.

Other points covered in the policy include travel coverage for family, coverage against any particular trips, and business trips cover.

The different covers provided under the domestic travel coverage include:

  • Any type of accident or medical coverage : It covers costs of medical emergencies or accidents incurred during your trip. It covers all such expenses without creating any financial stagnancy.
  • Delay or cancellation of flights : There can be many reasons including weather unsuitability or technical mishaps for flight delay. Missing of a particular flight is also a very uncertain problem owing to traffic and vehicle problem. Both these situations are turned to be highly problematic considering the fact that there are no connecting flights. Travel insurance covers you against any such type of problem and reimburses the entire amount.
  • Baggage lost or damage : This is particularly a very fearsome situation for any traveler. Mostly airlines have their own policy of ensuring the reimbursement for a lost baggage however, if baggage is lost in transit then there is nothing they can do.

    Travel insurance covers you against all such mishaps and you continue your journey with a sense of satisfaction and peace in your mind. The cost of belongings in your bag is recovered if not the value with the best domestic travel insurance cover.

    Now you can compare travel insurance quotes online at Policy Secure round the clock to save time and money.

  • Third party liability coverage : This is new concept in travel insurance and is not provided by all the insurers. It covers the cost of accidental damage done to a third party’s property by you and is your liability. It reimburses all the expense on your behalf to the third party.

A good travel experience is the one with a peaceful mind and relaxing hours. Policy Secure helps you buy online Domestic Travel Insurance that covers your domestic trips in ways to make you feel happy and safe while traveling.

We provide you fair review of all it covers which includes medical coverage, accidental coverage, baggage coverage, and third party liability coverage. Customers can also purchase Domestic travel Guard Insurance Policy Online at a low premium at Policy Secure.

Our services are available 24x7 and you can easily make clear comparison of quotes free of cost before buying domestic travel insurance policy in India only at Policy Secure.