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Are all travellers residents of India?


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Traval Insurance

It covers your expenses in case of flight delays, loss of baggage or passport,
& even for medical emergencies during your trip.

Single Trip Policy

Single trip policy is good for one-time travellers. The maximum of 180 days these policies can last for, however, your travel insurance policy can also be extended post a humble request to the insurer. So, have you packed your bags yet?

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

This policy is ideal for frequent travellers or globetrotters. It's valid for making several trips during the year, each one ranging from 30-45 days, rewarding you with suitcases
full of memories.

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Travel Insurance

Factors to Consider Before Buying


Having a travel insurance can help you travel stress-free.

Low Premium

Travel Insurance Premium starting at values as low as ₹ 300

Help Medical Expenses

Get covered for emergency medical expenses

Coverage Ranging

Coverage ranging from $25,000 to a whopping $500,000


Avail claims for lost baggage and delayed trips


Domestic Travel Insurance

Importance of Domestic Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance Content for Policy Secure

Policy Secure is your one-stop destination online for the complete International Travel Insurance Policy Solution. You can choose your required International Travel Insurance plan from travel insurance USA, travel insurance Singapore, best travel insurance Australia, cheap travel insurance UK, international holiday insurance plans, best single trip travel insurance, annual travel medical insurance, multi trip insurance, travel insurance Canada, international health insurance India, and more at a highly competitive premium.

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With the globalization, the world has become a small family. Today businesses are spread worldwide. Not only for the business purposes but also for the many domestic reasons, people frequently travel abroad with family, friends, colleagues, and more. The international traveling is mostly done through the medium of airways and it is necessary to travel safe. International Travel insurance is indeed a good decision and safety measure one can accompany while any tour abroad.

At present, there is no need for you to struggle just to check various travel insurance plans for international travel as Policy Secure in India has facilitated the online dedicated platform where you can compare the free of cost quotes of many companies before you buy one for yourself.

Buying travel insurance has been made very simple and hassle free for the customers. It is always advised to plan your travel and go for a safe journey with the best international travel insurance policy available at a very low premium. Insurance has been made affordable by the growing competition in the domestic and international market.

Policy Secure offers a wide scope of the best international travel insurance plans from best back up plans. Look at some of the plans and pick the best abroad travel protection plan with the best advantages at a moderate premium.

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Hopping from place to place is fun and yet it can wind up testing also. We, for the most part, pack our stuff with incredible enthusiasm and interest yet in the event that we are not all around arranged in front of the movement, it tends to be a cerebral pain too. Thus, before leaving for your possible travel, small arranging unquestionably encourages you making your trek smoother. Foreign travel insurance policy guarantees you a safe outing by giving heaps of advantage.

International holiday insurance plans offers inclusion for medicinal consumption, trip abrogation or postponement and the sky is the limit from there, with the goal that any unanticipated circumstance does not demolish your good times.

Advantages of International Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance might be the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts when you're making touring plans yet there are numerous focal points of purchasing overseas travel insurance policy especially on the off chance that you are voyaging whole deal.

Why not take a close look at the key advantages which we can appreciate by having the best international travel insurance purchased from the top international travel insurance companies in India.

Below are the few advantages of international travel insurance online:

Emergency medicinal treatment and help: Overseas travel protection gives cover if any incident occurs and therapeutic help is required while voyaging. Remote travel protection covers pre and posts hospitalization costs alongside repatriation costs.

Trip undoing and trek interference inclusion: International travel insurance gives an advantage if there should be an occurrence of the entire or halfway outing dropping by giving expense of your excursion. It likewise gives inclusion if your excursion ends because of any close to home or expert reason.

Loss of Baggage: if there occur a misfortune or deferral of stuff or baggage, the compensation of repay is guaranteed by giving the full measure of the lost things by the insurance company issuing you the international holiday insurance plans to any country.

Legal risk inclusion: International travel protection gives inclusion of legitimate obligation emerging from harm to an outsider. It takes care of legitimate expenses if there should be an occurrence of association in the lawful suit.

Loss of essential travel records: Overseas travel protection helps if there is a loss of imperative travel reports like international ID, tickets and so on. It gives expenses to reapply your archives.

Hospital money: It pays day by day stipend to the individual if there should be an occurrence of hospitalization, either because of a disorder or a mishap. International Health Insurance India houses these kinds of medical benefits for all the travellers.

Repatriation of remains: It covers costs caused in moving the guaranteed individual to his/her nation of living arrangement in the condition of death while a customer is on the international travel with the best travel insurance for international travel bought online or offline.

Hijack trouble remittance: Compensation is payable in case of the size of the regular bearer in which the safeguarded individual is voyaging. The international travel plan will pay remittance for every day loss taking place due to any incident of plane hijack abroad.

Personal mishap: If you get injured or bite the dust amid trek, overseas travel insurance online provider will pay to add up to remunerate you or your friends and family.

Emergency budgetary help: Monetary help is given if the guaranteed loses all or significant piece of his/her movement assets because of burglary, theft or pilferage. An international travel insurance policy also provides you monetary help in the time of actual need taking place due to an unexpected incident of theft.

Incorporations in International/Overseas Travel Insurance

• Illness cover - If there is an occasion of startling disease, coincidental wounds or passing, at that point your universal protection will keep you ensured abroad. It very well may be for any object, be it a global get-away, and work excursion, instructive trek or a family trip. This falls under International Health Insurance Plans that you can now buy at Policy Secure 24x7.

• Loss of stuff, effects, and things cover - Full inclusion on the off chance that you happen to lose or lose your stuff in the wake of checking in while travel abroad.

• Trip undoing and interruption cover - The real advantage that you get is, that you have every one of the costs secured which are caused because of a deferral in an outing from the aircraft's end, in the event that it is surpassing 12 hours.

• Medical, incidental and money-related crisis benefits - Loss or harm because of some common cataclysms, restorative costs cover, and furthermore any budgetary issues emerging from abroad work, individual request or travel related unintentional cover amid the trek.

On the off chance that you capitulate to any kind of lasting inabilities from a mishap amid the movement or on the flight, it will be secured. Money related inclusion for unexpected prerequisite of money, because of burglary or theft.

• Flight delays/abrogation - If your corresponding flight is postponed for over 3 hours and you happen to miss it, at that point you would get a repayment for the losses incurred.

• Flight delays/abrogation - If your corresponding flight is postponed for over 3 hours and you happen to miss it, at that point you would get a repayment for the losses incurred.

• Passport misfortune cover – includes Loss of international ID or essential travel records. Repayment of expense caused by getting a crisp or copy of identification is additionally secured.

• Third party cover - Compensation for an outsider on the off chance that your automatically activities result in somebody's end, cause somebody damage or harm to wellbeing or property.

• Legal cover - Coverage from any lawful liabilities amid your movement are taken consideration off by your back up international travel insurance plan.

• Repatriation cover - Medical costs caused because of emanant clearing to India for prompt treatment. On the off chance that the strategy holder happens to be hospitalized for over seven days and the relative who came to visit you abroad, needed to surge back to the home nation, at that point you would get the cost secured for the arrival ticket of a similar relative.

• Death cover - if there should arise an occurrence of a sudden end, the costs for incineration and transporting mortal remains are secured under Foreign Travel Insurance Policy rendered by a number of the top insurance providers in the country.

• Dental cover - Dental treatment because of damage is repaid.

• Theft cover - Any misfortune or harm happening from house theft in your nonappearance will also be covered subject to certain terms and conditions.

• Hijack chance cover - Hijack trouble stipend on the off chance that is for over 12 hours.

There are many benefits and risk covered in the different travel insurance plans for international travel by the insurers. It is necessary to have the clarification before you buy to make sure you are not left disappointed in the condition of any problem taking place while you are on the international travel to any nation.

Types of Abroad Travel Insurance Coverage

Typically, abroad travel protection is taken at the season of booking of a trip. Some of them are Travel insurance Singapore, travel insurance Australia likewise to various countries. It covers singular dangers, for example, medicinal security, money related inclusion or some other misfortunes.

An International Travel insurance plan offers underneath inclusions:

  • Student Travel cover: It gives cover to understudy who has gone to other nation for studies.
  • Business Travel cover: It covers business explorer who has gone for any meeting or on location work.
  • Holidays/Leisure travel: People making a trip to other nation on a recreation trip are secured under movement protection.

Risk Not Covered in the International/Overseas Travel Insurance

The many advantages and risk cover are provided to the insured only if he or she is eligible for it. The allowed risk coverage is not allowed in certain situations. Have a glimpse of the things which won't be incorporated into your abroad travel insurance protection arrangement:

  • o If your international ID misfortune protest runs unregistered with police specialists, at that point the harms or misfortune caused won't be secured.
  • o You won't be given restorative cover, if, the prior infections were not unveiled/pronounced before the initiation of the arrangement. Particularly for those who are over the age of 70 year.
  • o Expenses or any misfortune bringing about from mental inability, under wretchedness or impact of liquor or drugs, or any self-destructive endeavor. Additionally, venereal infections and patients of HIV/AIDS are not given a cover.
  • o If your motivation for going for therapeutic treatment abroad.
  • o Also, in the event that you are going without the suggestion of your social insurance provider.
  • o If you are determined to have any unsafe conditions prior to the travel abroad
  • o Casualties or harms because of war or atomic dangers in the concerned nation

The Process of Claiming International Travel Insurance

Asserting travel protection is simple and non-convoluted. One ought to illuminate their abroad travel protection supplier at the season of restorative help while travelling. Each protection supplier has its own medicinal group which will ensure that your damage or ailment is a non-previous. Cases not suggested to suppliers can be rejected. International Travel insurance protection suppliers additionally request to submit guarantee frames with your own and travel subtleties.

Worldwide Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria

Prior to the issuance of the approach, the strategy applier needs to meet certain criteria's as referenced beneath:

  • Anyone who is 3 months - 60 years old can be secured under the individual International travel insurance protection strategy.
  • The age limit for a relative under the family arrangement is likewise comparable as over, that is least 3 months and most extreme 60 years.
  • The strategy gives a cover to a limit of 4 subordinate people (who can be simply the protected individual/herself, companion, two youngsters up to 21 years old)
  • There are two sorts of family protection ready for abroad travel - one gives cover to all the relatives under the complete whole guaranteed, and in the other one the aggregate safeguarded is isolated among every part.
  • Students between the age gatherings of 16-40 years can purchase the abroad protection approach. It is required for them to be selected at the concerned college, from where they are seeking after advanced education. Indian under studies, who are as of now learning at a college abroad, likewise fit the bill for the equivalent.
  • Senior nationals up to the age of 85 years can be secured without pre-therapeutic screening under the senior resident travel protection plans.
  • For Schengen travel protection, individuals up to the age of 70 years and newborn children above 3months are qualified, just for business or excursion purposes.

What makes Policy Secure a Preferred Insurance Comparison Portal?

Enter essential insights concerning your outing and get a custom correlation of costs and accessible protection choices while getting your best insurance policy at Policy Secure 24x7. Helping business and recreation explorers alike in comprehending travel related glitches, Policy Secure's worldwide reach and demonstrated operational capacities enable voyagers to get total genuine feelings of serenity.

We will enable you to look at and select the best universal travel protection plan with ideal premiums so that you get the right insurance while travelling abroad.

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Now enjoy happy touring experience with International/Overseas Travel Insurance. Explore Policy Secure now to buy the Best International Travel Insurance Policy online at an affordable premium.

You can enjoy the important covers including (i) Accidental and medical expenses (ii) Trip delay or cancellation (iii) Passport loss (iv) Baggage delay or loss (v) Missed flights (vi) Emergency medical evacuation, and more.