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Student Travel Insurance

Importance of Travel Insurance

Buy Student Travel Insurance Plans at Policy Secure

Insurance is one of the most important essential today. It is a dependable source to cover the different types of the risk involved in human life. It directly supports a user financially in the real time of need. Therefore, every human being should realize its use and limitless importance. Instead of sitting behind merely thinking, rush to cheap student travel insurance online at Policy Secure for the best buying experience.

Unlike the different types of the insurance, Student Travel Insurance Plans are also the essential category of insurance. It is specifically designed in the interest of students. The varied plans under this category have a number of the attractive features, risk cover made available for the users at a lower premium payable using any mode of payment.

Insurance refers to a common assertion or an approach that an individual buys from an insurance company by paying premiums on yearly, month to month, quarterly, half yearly premium to the respective insurance agency.

Students traveling from one place to another due to any purpose should certainly give due importance to student travel insurance and can buy easily online. Now students can also explore Policy Secure anytime to compare and buy student travel insurance plans without any hassle.

The Best Student Travel Insurance Plans

Consequently, the insurance agency shields the purchaser or the policyholder from any sort of misfortune or hazard that may happen later on. There are a certain inclusion and exclusion in every single insurance product. Hence, a buyer should take a note of it in order to avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Aside from people, both open and private part association can buy protection to ensure their workers. It's essentially a thoughtful hazard the board conspires by utilizing which the safeguarded individual can get security against conceivable outcomes, for example, misfortune, affliction, passing, misfortune done to his/her things and so forth. For international aspirants overseas study insurance has its own value and the demand has increased in the last few years.

Protection is the main money related instrument that encourages you deal with your monetary dangers easily and lessens your budgetary stresses. Hence, all candidates pursuing education in any stream and from any educational institution should undoubtedly go for the best student travel insurance particularly while planning travel to any destination.

Why Buy Student Travel Insurance Plans at Policy Secure?

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Why Student Travel Insurance is Needed?

For the students planning to pursue education abroad, there are great possibilities of incident or accident taking place while traveling or staying abroad. The financial support is required to tackle and manage uncertainties. The top Student Travel Insurance Plans covers a number of the risks and provide protection from financial problems. Hence, every student traveling overseas for studies should certainly buy Student Travel Insurance Plans online at Policy Secure for the best buying experience.

Why Buy Cheap Student Travel Insurance Online?

There are several advantages you can enjoy by using the online medium to buy your required insurance plans. At Policy Secure, we make sure our valued users get more advantages comparatively.

You can have a close look on some of the key benefit and answer to the reason of buying cheap student travel insurance online at Policy Secure in India. Before diving into the insights concerning the online protection industry, a portion of the incredible numbers and actualities to note:

Key benefits of buying the best student travel insurance online

  • Numerous companies insurance plans to compare
  • Free of cost quotes from different insurance companies to choose
  • No restriction of time as you can purchase best student travel insurance 24x7
  • No location restriction as you can buy overseas study insurance from any location
  • Hassle free buying process
  • Speedy buying and renewal facility
  • Expert advice and support in choosing the right overseas study insurance plan
  • Attractive discount on placing order for student travel insurance online
  • Save time and travel
  • Worry-free student travel insurance comparison

The key coverage offered under the Student Travel Insurance Plans is:

  • Checked-in Luggage loss - In the condition when personal documents or luggage of the insured are checked into a common carrier, reimbursement is offered to him or her for the damage or replacement of lost things.
  • Expenses for Dental Treatment - covers the expense for dental treatment, reimbursement of expenses also for serious injury or pain
  • Medical Evacuation - actual or the pre-decided amount insured whichever is lesser covered when deporting the insured back to his/her nation.
  • Emergency Medical Charges – under this reimbursement to the individual insured for the medical expenses incurred in the condition of an unexpected accident or illness.
  • Delay of Checked Luggage - It provides an amount of money to purchase fresh clothes and toiletries to the insured person due to the delay in luggage.
  • Loss of Passport - Your student travel insurance policy will reimburse the actual expenses incurred for the making of arrangements for a fresh or duplicate passport just in case the insured person passport is lost due to any reason
  • Missed Connection or Departure - insured individual is rendered reimbursement for the expenses incurred due to missed departure or missed connections by the respective airline.
  • Interruption of Study- the compensation is paid in case there is any interruption in the study of the insured student under travel insurance for students studying abroad
  • Trip Delay - if the trip is delayed for more than 12 hours, the insured person is provided reimbursement for the incurred expenses
  • Sponsor Protection - the insured student’s tuition fee is paid in the case of accidental death of the sponsor of the student insured
  • Accidental Death Benefit - the cover pays for pre-decided compensation to the insured student family in the condition of an accidental death
  • Permanent Disability- it pays the pre-decided compensation to the insured student family is paid in the event when the student insured is permanently disabled due to an accident
  • Daily Cash Allowance Benefit - if an insured is hospitalized for more than a detailed number of days as stated in policy paper, the benefit of daily cash allowance is provided under study abroad travel insurance plan
  • Compassionate Visit - it covers compassionate visit also just in case a need for a compassionate visit by an immediate family member of the insured arises.
  • Payment Card Security Fraudulent Charges - reimbursement is rendered for the unsanctioned expenses that a student insured is responsible for in case the insured's payment card is stolen or lost.
  • Emergency Accommodation Benefit - the required compensation is rendered for additional expenses of emergency accommodation in the event of a natural disaster when an insured student is incapable for the living at his/her hired original accommodation due to safety reason
  • Treatment for Expectant Mothers - it provides pregnancy related medical expenses subject to the policy term after the completion of 10 month waiting period under the best student travel insurance policy facilitated by the different insurance companies dealing in travel insurance
  • Childcare Benefit - hospital cash allowance for childcare is also provided subject to the policy term
  • Bail Bond - the bail amount for an insured student in case of arrest or detention by local police for a bailable offense is covered while a student is travelling
  • Cancer Screening and Examinations – it covers expenses for cancer screening and mammographic examinations on the recommendation by a physician
  • Hijack Cash Benefit - as stated in the insured policy it provides a suffering allowance in case the flight you are travelling has been disrupted because of an unexpected hijack.

Education abroad in an outside land involves a great deal of hazard. Restorative costs in remote money and hospitalization can be restrictively costly. A student living alone outside India may likewise require visits from family or other back-ups if something turns out badly.

Today, there are many insurance companies dealing in the varied types of insurance products. Thee major challenge is to choose the best from the many. Keeping in mind the tough situation arising out of the competition and multiple Student Travel Insurance Plans offered by the various companies, we at Policy Secure have provided the feature of simple and hassle free comparison.

Users can now easily take the benefit of student travel insurance comparison using our secure portal online and secure the plan of studying abroad.

Traveling to another country for seeking after advanced education is a fantasy for numerous students. Indeed, the individuals who dream have the capacity ready to make them work out. Desires are said to give people wings to fly starting with one point in life then onto the next by giving them crisp chances and extension to verify a superior future.

On the off chance that you are going outside India for advanced education, you should purchase understudy head out protection to dispense with the chances of the money related dangers emerging out of any eccentric and sad occasions.

Without a doubt, considering abroad includes different dangers for understudies. Any sad occasion can cause crisis hospitalization, and restorative cost abroad may beg to be spent. Students living outside India may likewise have guests from their families, which require monetary reinforcement. The different company student travel health insurance protection covers every such projection and guarantees that you don't need to endure the out-of-take cost. The approach likewise covers:

• Costs emerging out of crisis hospitalization because of a mishap or existing medicinal condition,
• Heartbreaking occasions like loss of checked things, and so on.
• Safeguard bonds and educational cost expense
• Deferral in take-off or dropping of flight
• Loss of international ID

What A Student Travel Insurance Policy Not Cover?

  • Medical expenses incurring our of pre-existing diseases
  • Expenses incurred because of the following:
    • Mental disorder
    • Suicide or attempt of suicide
    • Alcohol intake or drug intake
    • HIV problems or AIDS
    • Depression or stress
    • Traveling against your treating physician advise
    • Traveling overseas for medical treatments or any kind of medial procedures
  • Loss of passport due to carelessness or negligence
  • Traveling in the situation arising out of war or threat of war

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Student Travel Insurance

  • Risks covered
  • Mandatory clauses
  • Exclusions
  • Waiting period
  • Payable premium
  • Claim procedure
  • Study Interruption Cover
  • Background of the insuring company and dependability
  • Pregnancy clauses

Additional Advantages with Policy Secure

If you prefer to buy study abroad travel insurance at Policy Secure, you will enjoy a good number of the additional advantages as mentioned below:

  • Speedy and convenient insurance buying
  • Complete information at a glance
  • The best international student travel insurance can be chosen
  • Top company student travel insurance comparison
  • Mental peace, gratification, good Student Travel Insurance Plans buying experience assured